Day 1 Victoria Dock

        2 Aberdarron

        3 Fishguard

        4 Skoma

        5 Padstow

        6 Lands End

        7 Penzance

        8 L’Aberac’h

        9 Cameret

      10 Ille De Glenale

      11 Vilaine

      12 Foleux

 Liverpool to France

  I had long planned cruising South. But had consequentially ended up in some quite interesting places because the wind will not always blow in the direction you require. So you must make the most of the direction you get. If you have a predetermined amount of time available the chances of getting favourable wind, weather and the right tide are quite slim. People who own convertible cars probably have a similar problem getting the roof down in this country.

  When we eventually set off for France in August 18th 2002 we did not know if we would make it. The wind was blowing from the North but for how long? As a cruising yacht the voyage would consist of a series of day sails. Unlike fully crewed yachts that can press on twenty four hours a day if necessary.



    Sailing Prospero

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